The Jungian Individuation Process is a depth psychological approach to healing and transformation, incorporating dreams, myths, images, and active imagination.

As we look ever deeper into our inner and outer worlds, mind, body, feelings and spirit can move us toward wholeness. In the Jungian Individuation Process the path to self-love is through the journey down and in.

When we own our suffering, we can discover the depth and meaning not only in our personal darkness but the terrible events we witness on a daily basis. As we voyage through our netherworlds, developing a clear eyed, empathic sensitivity, we bring light into the darkness. We open to real change here and now.  Peace waits in our hearts to be released.



“Then Dad said: ‘I should have warned you from the start. Living your own life can be bloody frightening,and you will be lost half of the time.  But if I had told you that, you might not have set out in the first place, and that would have been a terrible mistake.’ ”     

                     …… Alexandra Fuller: Leaving Before the Rains Come, 2015.